He had a dream, that he was born of the sun, not as a son of these circumstances,
as a golden child with the gift of a laugh and infinite chances,
‘cause facing the day in a city where a black boy is seen as a cancer,
is a stifling thing, a damaging thing, and yet he killed them with candor.
‘Cause, he had a dream,
in which we now believe,
while not accepting his misery.
We’re whitewashing history.

Baby in a shoebox. Priest in the church.
Hoss in the alley. Buck hit him in the heart, where it hurt.
But, we’re loving how he made us laugh. Well, slipping on shit wa’nt bad,
when he had the sun on his face.
And, he had a dream,
in which we now believe.
We put his statue on State Street
since we bulldozed the red-light district.

Well, there’s still a river and still a sky overhead,
It still gets damn cold, and there’s still heavy hands.
The poor are still poor, police patrolling them,
and white flight is real. To the north and the east, they’ve fled.
Yeah, Richard got out. We put a highway in.
He put us back on the map, after 7 schools and the system failed him.
But, there was Carver and Miss Juliette.
She saw potential where the rest saw a boy gone bad.
She had a dream
She got him to believe.
But this city is misery,
and we’re whitewashing history.


from Among Thieves, released June 5, 2020


all rights reserved



Jared Grabb Peoria, Illinois

Jared Grabb's earnest brand of indie/Americana creates low-key anthems for all working class dreamers.

Based out of Peoria, Illinois.

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